17 Benefits of Leaves BALAKACIDA / BABADOTAN / for Women's Health and also for other health

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 For most people including you may be less familiar with the name of the leaves this one is different if you look, especially there are so many names given for this plant. Balakacida leaves have the scientific name Chromolaena odorata, as well as various other names such as kirinyuh. This plant is actually one kind of weed or pest plant originating from the family asteraceae. The characteristics of the leaves are oval and jagged at the edges not only that the leaves have a slightly rough texture different from the type of foliage in general, this plant also has flowers and will bloom in every dry season.

Balakacida leaf is commonly found on the plains with an altitude of about 1000 to 2800 mdpl, but unlike in Indonesia, most dun balakacida can grow in the lowlands less than 500 mdpl. Its growth is very fast, especially because getting enough sun intake, will be very difficult to grow if placed in a place that does not have enough lighting. Its very rapid growth can damage cultivation plants, which can harm farmers.

No wonder also when balakacida leaves are often thrown away. However, it turns out balakacida plants have tremendous benefits in the agricultural world. This plant can be used as organic fertilizer, biopesticide, and traditional medicine. The benefits are of course because balakacida leaf has many glycations and nutrients. The details about the nutritional content of balakacida leaf.

Balakacida Leaf Nutritional Content







The existence of the above nutritional content, balakacida leaf is not only useful in agriculture, as well as in the field of health. Usually balakacida plants are also widely used as a traditional herbal medicine. It's been widely used since the first where people are still familiar with physicians and nurses only. Because it is very effective to cure various diseases, ancient times many people planted and cultivated it.

But over time people are familiar with chemical and physician drugs and different if you look, then the balakacida leaves begin to be abandoned and considered weeds. For those of you who are curious about what are the benefits of balakacida leaves, here we convey the benefits.

Benefits of Balakacida Leaf


Balakacid leaves are very useful for those of you who want to cure the cyst effectively.


Cervical cancer is one of the most deadly diseases for women different from, to prevent it you can drink balakacida tea.


Reproductive health is an important thing to be considered, to maintain health you can drink boiled water and balakacida dau.


Not only can maintain the health of female reproductive devices, balakacida leaves can prevent diabetes.


Vertigo is one disease that can not be underestimated, this disease can not only lead to hospital but also death. You can treat it by drinking boiled water leaves balakacida when your vertigo relapse.


Not only can prevent the recurrence of different ulcer disease, it is believed balakacida leaf can cure gastritis if consumed periodically.


It is important for us to maintain heart health, heart heart is always healthy and protected from disease you can use balakacida leaf.


For those of you who want to lower cholesterol, you can drink boiled water balakacida leaves when your cholesterol levels rise or after eating seafood.


Balakacida leaves can be used as uric acid medicine.

#Deleting_Darah Bloods

Not only can lower cholesterol, balakacida leaf is also able to lower your blood pressure. This is useful for those of you who have hypertension.


Nutritional content of balakacida leaf is very good for those of you who want to avoid diseases or disturbances in the stomach.

#Medicine for headache

Not only can treat vertigo alone, balakacida leaf can also treat various kinds of headaches like migraine and dizziness.


Not only can prevent cervical cancer, balakacida leaf can also prevent breast cancer.


Balakacida leaves can also circulate your blood so you will rarely experience cramps and tingling.

#Lose weight

For those of you who are dieting or want to have ideal weight, you can consume balakacida leaf.


To treat wounds, you can pound the leaves and stick them on your injured body parts.

#Acne medication

Together with

how to treat wounds and acne you live mash and stick it on your acne.

That's the various benefits of balakacida leaves that we can convey, hopefully useful and add your insight.

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