A few things about the worldcup host, Russia I know;

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Here's an interesting thing about Russia

  1. Russia is very large, covering 1/7 of Earth's land and across 11 time zones
    2). Use Cyrillic letters / alphabet.
    3). The number of Russian women is much more than men, (who wants polygamy please to Russia).
    4). The first man out of space was a Russian (Kosmonot Yuri Gagarin) Yoeri Gagarin Srk
    5). The ISS international space station uses Russian with Cyrillic letters, other state astronauts practice the Russian language before living on the ISS.
    6). The Siberian Trans Train is the world's longest travel train, with routes from Hong Kong, China, Mongolia, China and Moscow taking 24 days of travel.
    7). The Soviet Union (Russia) lost the war with Afghanistan and was very troubled by the Chechen resistance.
  2. The territory of Alaska in America was once the territory of Russia and sold to America.
    9). Alexandar Khalashnikov (AK) is the most widely used firearm in the world.
    10). 25% of the world's forests are in Russia (Siberia)
    11). Chelsea club owner Roman Abramovich is Russian.
    12). Vodka is a soft drink in Russia 😜

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