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by: Suranegara

Richest Country in the World That Apparently is Indonesia. Many actually do not know where the richest country on planet earth, some say America, some say countries in the Middle East. not really wrong, for example America. super power state that has a level of technological progress that can only be rivaled by a handful of countries, another example is the countries in the Middle East.

The average desert-covered country and the stinging weather contain millions of barrels of oil ready for processing. but that's not enough to match this one country. even America, the Middle East countries and the EU-can not match it.

And this is the richest country on planet earth that escaped the attention of other earth citizens. these citizens would be proud if they knew. but unfortunately they are not aware of "standing on a diamond" we just see the profile of his country.

Wooww ... What happened? is the author (I) wrong? but I firmly state that the country is the richest country in the world. but is not the country in a state of decline? debt everywhere, poverty, rampant corruption, declining moral condition of the nation and other problems that are enveloping the country.

well let's explain everything one by one so that we can see the wealth of this country really.

  1. This country has the largest gold mining with the best gold quality in the world. its name is PT Freeport.

What are the content at the mine at Freeport? when the mine was opened up to now, this mining has produced 7.3 MILLION tons of copper and 724.7 MILLION tons of gold. I (writer = suranegara) try to Raise the amount with the price per gram of gold now, I assume Rp. 300,000. multiplied 724.7 MILLION tons of gold / 724.700.000.000.000 Gram multiplied Rp 300.000. = Rp.217.410. Rupiah !!!!! anyone can help me how to read the value? it's just gold not to mention the copper as well as other mineral materials. It should be the name of the city there is not Tembagapura but Emaspura.

Then who manage this mining? not this country but AMERICA! The percentage is 1% for landowners and 99% for America as a country with technology to do mining there. even when gold and copper there began to thin out under gold and copper layer precisely in the depth of 400 meters found mineral deposits that cost 100 times more expensive than gold, yes .. he is URANIUM! Raw material for making nuclear fuel was found there. it is not clear what amount of uranium content is found there, but the latest news circulating according to uranium obstetricians is enough to make a nuclear power plant with energy that can illuminate the whole earth with just the uranium content there. Freeport has been instrumental for a handful of officials of this country, the generals as well as the rotten politicians, who can enjoy life with the wealth of treasure by impoverishing the nation.

  1. This country has the LARGEST natural gas reserves in the WORLD! precisely in Natuna Block.
    What is the gas content in the natuna block? Natuna D Alpha block has gas reserves up to 202 TRILLION cubic feet !! and many mining and oil producing blocks such as Cepu Block etc. MANAGED WHO? EXXON CAR! assisted by Pertamina.

  2. This country has the largest tropical forest in the world. this tropical forest has an area of ​​39,549,447 hectares, with the most complete biodiversity and plasmanutfah in the world.

It is located on the islands of Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi and. actually if this country wants a doom is so easy for them. just cut all the trees in the forest eat the earth must doom. because the earth is very dependent on this tropical forest to keep the climate balance because Amazon rainforest is not strong enough to balance the Earth's climate. and now they have little to no avail for only a handful of people who have money for plantations and golf courses. it is very ironic.

  1. This country has the largest oceans in the world. surrounded by two oceans, the Pacific and the Indies so it is no wonder to have millions of fish species that no other country has.

Because of its rich sea of ​​this country to the extent that other countries also participate in harvesting fish in the oceans of this country.

  1. The country has the fourth largest population in the world. with such a population that many smart people have produced this country, but the government abandoned them. as human nature that wants to survive of course they want to be appreciated. the other way is to get out of this country and choose to defend another country that can assume them with reasonable value.

  2. The country has land

which is very fertile. because it has many active volcanoes making the land in this country very fertile moreover the country is crossed by equator which there are many sunshine and rain.

Compared to the middle eastern countries that have abundant oil this country is of course much richer. we all imagine because the mineral results can not be updated quickly. and when all their oil is gone they will become a poor country because they do not own the land of this country that can be planted anything. even wooden sticks and finished stones.

  1. This country has a very exotic scenery and again no country can match it. from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the sea we can find in this country.

This country is very very rich, no nation or other countries as rich as INDONESIA! but what happened ? Indonesia's natural wealth is not synonymous with the lives of its poor, slumped, impoverished people ...

Therefore, For EXXON CAR OIL, FREEPORT, SHELL, PETRONAS and all COUNTRY OFFICERS who sell the Nation's wealth for the benefit of foreign country, uttered THANK YOU.

And OUR gratitude for the 67th Independence of Indonesia, we young Indonesians give the greatest appreciation to the fighters who have sacrificed their blood and tears for this nation .. Your sacrifice has been wasted by the Leaders who only emphasizing the family, stomach, & his own party, the new People in the see when the ELECTION live counting Day by expecting their voice & support ... but when the election is over, then the people again dumped & re-occur gap between the rich & the poor, rich & poorer poorer ... Government officials getting richer & poorer people made ... the wealth of Indonesian Nature finally enjoyed again by a handful of people especially officials, state apparatus & Foreign Party .. But the People only get the promise of empty fruit lie & lies wrapped in misery ...

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