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then let it pass
Remembering and remembering the past, then grieving for sorrow and failure in it is foolish and mad. That is the same as killing the spirit, diminishing the will and burying the future that has not happened yet.

For people who think, the files of the past will be folded and never seen again. Simply closed tightly, then kept in the 'space' of the conjuration, tied with a strong rope in the prison 'prison' forever. Or, placed in an impenetrable dark room. That is, because the past has passed and run out. Sadness will not be able to restore it again, anxiety will not be able to fix it again, anxiety will not be able to turn it into light, and turmoil will not be able to revive it, because he is not there.
Never live in a nightmare of the past, or under a dark umbrella of the past. Save yourself from the shadows of the past! Do you want to restore the river water upstream, the sun to where it rises, a baby slip into the mother's belly, milk to the mother's breast, and tears into the eyelids? Remember, your attachment to the past, your anxiety over what has happened to him, your emotional fires by the hot fire, and your soul's closeness to the door, is a very naive, ironic, apprehensive, and frightening condition.

Re-reading the past sheet will only diminish the future, relax the spirit, and waste precious time. In the Qur'an, every time after explaining the condition of a people and what they have done, God always says, "It was the people of old." That is, when a case runs out, then finished his business. And there is no point in breaking back the carcass of the age and turning the wheel of history back.

People who are trying to get back to the past are like people who pound flour, or people who saw sawdust.

Our ancient ancestors always reminded those who mourned his past: "Do not remove the corpses from their graves." And it is said, said the man who understands the language of animals, a herd of animals often ask a donkey like this, "Why do not you pull a cart?"

"I hate delusion," the donkey answered.

It is a great disaster, when we are willing to ignore the future and just be preoccupied with the past. That, just as we ignore the beautiful palaces with busy mourning the rotting debris. Yet, no matter how much humans and jinns unite to restore all that has passed, they will never be able to. Because, that is impossible on its origin. A clear-minded person will never be involved and look back at the slightest. Because the wind will always blow forward, the water will flow forward, every caravan will run forward, and everything moves forward. So, never fight against the sunna of life!

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