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My wife is strange. If again normal, he tuh baikkk banget, all my needs prepared. Not even prepared gaes, but given the choices.

For example fit me again laper. My wife came. "Kanda Kanda Kanda ... laper yes dear? This is already Dinda siapin.Want fried rice, what boiled rice?"

Or fit me again thirsty. My wife came. "Kanda Kanda Kanda ... thirsty dear yes? This is already Dinda siapin.Want water aja, what is white water really?"

Okay gaes?

But that's again normal.


If again not normal, he tetep well anyway. All my needs tetep prepared, and tetep given the choices as well.

But ... the choice is not good.

For example fitting me again hot, continue to want to bathe. My wife came. "Kanda, do you want to take a shower? It's already Dinda siapin.Want hot water, what boiling water?"

Then I replied. "Ordinary water aja, there is not, which kk do not kill Kanda? Kayak water cool, or water anget so?"

"Not available."

"Oh, that's it."

Because I know my wife is not normal again, I finally relented, let me noisy. I left my wife, went to the back of the house.

Behind the house, I find sand gaes, make tayamum.


After I studied and studied femininity at the Household University, where the lecturer was my own wife, it turns out that a woman can be strange, when she feels that she is in uncomfortable condition.

Not comfortable for what? Because, a-pa-pun. Could be because of big problems, like, there are pelakor in the household for example. Or it could be because of minor problems, like, spotty.

Well, strangely women are, for him tuh there is no such thing as big problems or small problems. For women, all problems are big, and serious.


For example as in the case that I've experienced the following.

So I sat in my room again, massaging my feet. My feet really pegel gaes, after a day dipake stand selling noodles.

Well, when I was massaging my feet, suddenly my wife came up to me, keep asking.

"Kanda. According to Kanda, the most beautiful Indonesian artist who? "

In my heart, "Well, I'm not feeling good. What's going to happen?"

"Kanda, answer!"

Let the business is not long, I finally replied.

"If so, Dian Sastro. So what?"

"So pretty Kanda?"

"Well ... yeah."

"Ohhh ..."

Testament No.1: If the wife already said "Ohhh", the sauce would not be nice.

"Oh what does that mean?"

"Ohhh ... gakpapaaa ... gakpapa. Dian Sasto mah emang cantikkk. His body is tall, his skin is white, and not spotty like Dinda! "

After that, chopsticks noodles just go away aja, without any explanation whatsoever.


Gaes. Consciously, I'm sure I really do not make anything wrong tuh chopsticks noodles. My people again break it, he who nyamperin? God the witness.

But, even though I'm sure I'm not guilty, strangely enough, I actually feel guilty. Is it really so? Which makes her up, why do I feel guilty? Amsyonggg amsyong.

But even if I'm in kesel, the top and bottom heads should be cold. In my heart I say.

"Calm Braddd ... tenanggg.An incident like this is not once twice ever lo alaminnn.Even repeatedly Braddd ... already repeatedly.And will continue to repeat over the next 50 years Braddd ... dead looo. "

I walked out of the room, then came to my wife who was pouting in the pan noodle pan.

"Dinda dear, Dinda why? Again there is a problem? Try the same story Kanda. "

Dinda replied curtly. "It is okay."

Testament No.2: If the wife says "Gakpapa", 99.99% there must be nothing. Sure.

"Seriously dear, Dinda why?"

Still snappy. "It is okay."

Testament No.3: If the wife still says "Gakpapa" too, stop the conversation. The solution is two, invite to the room, or take out.

"To the room yuk sayang, we chatted."

Dinda was angry. "What the heck, people are still day too!"

"Hell, why do you talk about it during the day?"

Dinda is stupid. "He's got a chat in the room?"

Inhale deeply ... tahannn ... remove. Call me ...

"Yes already, if so, how about we go to Solaria, we eat?"

Noodle chop nodded.

After nebok piggy bank for me go S2, we finally went to Solaria.

Bye-bye S2.


In Solaria.

While waiting for the order to be served, I looked at my sulky wife's face, and clasped her hands tightly.

I gripped his hand tightly, because right in front of Solaria, it was Rabbani Boutique gaes. So if not grip tightly, can be serious. Can err and he's crazy.

In order for my wife to stop pouting, I also ngegombal.

"Dinda dear. Beautiful Dinda. "

Dinda is silent, there is no reaction. I continued ngegombal.

"Even if Dinda yesterday re-new the 35th anniversary, even now already have three children, but still looks like high school kids."

Dinda began to react. He's a mess. Either because of holding back laughter, or because holding the fart.

"Can be pretty gini, use what impression Dind

a? "My rags continued.

Due to continue digombalin, Dinda defense finally collapsed.

"Wkwkwk ... brattt ... wkwkwk ... brettt ... wkwkwk ... brottt."

Dinda lil so hard while farting so hard.


The atmosphere is back to normal. Gue to the points.

"Dinda, what's the problem, dear?"

Dinda looked at me. "Kanda, bad Dinda huh?"

I was shocked. "Huh? Who says Dinda ugly?"

"Dinda said Dinda feels really bad Kanda, Dinda is spotty."

"Look, is Dinda getting spotty?"

"Yes Kanda ... nihhh ... in daguuu ... emang not plasticity so Kanda? Do you know a week ?! "

"Yes Alloh Dindaaa, kirain tuh kenapaaa? Apparently cuman because of acne in daguuu Masyaallohhh ..."

"But even if one is really annoying Kanda. Dinda is spotty. Dinda is afraid of Kanda. Dinda is afraid if Dinda is spotty, Kanda do not like the same Dindaaa ... huaaaaaaa !!! "* Lebay mode on.

Testament No.4: If another wife is spoiled and lebay, do not be disgusted gaes. Just let him do it too. Want sobs kek, want to talk kek kek continue, biarin. Let's say he's a sadist.

Lo simply listened to every word that came out of his mouth. Lo listening, you listen, then after he diem, well, just tuh ... duct tape!

An hour later, Dinda was back to normal. I've opened it. He's back to being a good, funny, and adorable Dinda.



Gaes. It turned out to have a wife tuh exclamation yes. He can make me laugh, can make me languish. He can make me happy, can make me feverish. Sometimes nyenengin, sometimes nyebelin. Just like myself.

If another wife nyenengin, I give thanks alhamdulillah, and give him a gift. If another wife is frivolous, I try to remember all the good things he has ever done, so there is always a reason for me, to remain united.

I can not deny, my daughter's senyebelin-nyebelin, it is not at all comparable with the good that every day he did for me.

When I laper, he prepares food for me. When I was thirsty, he prepared a drink for me. And when I want to shower, he invites me to the back of the house, tayamum. Sometimes to timezone, bathe the ball.

I count, if I have to pay an assistant to do what the wife has done to me, how much should I pay? It must be very expensive.

But my wife, never ask me the same fee. With sincerity he accompanied me, took care of me, pray for me, unconditionally.

Therefore, only Allah can repay all the goodness and devotion of a wife to her husband. As a husband I can only say.
"Thanks, Dinda, Kanda ridho Dinda became his wife Kanda."

So, I'm the3brother

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