Frangipani Abstracts.

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Frangipani Abstracts.

Frangipani flowers evoke the warmth and beauty of summer for me when their sweet fragrance fills the air in enticing waves by gentle breezes. They are a true icon of the tropics and thrive in the sub-tropical climate in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

The images below, were created after applying digital effects to my original photograph and I think they add an exotic touch to the already beautiful frangipani flowers.


Frangipani (Plumeria rubra) flowers do not tolerate frost very well and this is why Queensland's climate is ideal for them. In fact, they are so common in this part of the world that I think we can sometimes take them for granted.


This plant is a small genus of the dogbane family and there are approximately eight species available. They are native to Mexico, Venezuela and other Central American areas and are a genus of the Plumeria family. The blossoms appear in the summer and bloom well into autumn and their leaves are smooth and shiny.


There are countless varieties available, from the classic white and yellow colours to pastel pinks and oranges and bold red and lilac ones.


Frangipanis are robust, and love dry soils, full sun and even neglect and although slow growing, they can grow up to 8 metres tall. The umbrella shape of a mature frangipani tree provides great shade in the summer.


It is easy to propagate frangipani by cutting a piece of hardwood about 300 millimetres long, then leaving it in the sun to dry out. Then it can be placed into some potting mix, and within a few weeks, roots will form.






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Howdy there Trudee! wow those are marvelous images, the digital creations are rather stunning! I've never heard of that flower before I apparently it's a favorite down there!


Glad you like these digital images @janton and I am pleased to introduce frangipani flowers to you. I enjoy playing around with different effects.


Howdy this fine Friday Trudee! Well your playing around results in some fantastic images! I suppose you already submitted a featheredfriday post?


So glad you like these images janton. I did submit a feathered Friday post but the time frame eludes me......3 days later....... so what can I expect? I'll put myself in the naughty corner for .... seconds as punishment. 😁


hah! That what steemit needs, a naughty corner! lol. Does sir Keith have rules about late submissions?

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These are truly awesome photo manipulations. You possess quite a talent in this area. It's always a magical experience for me when I visit your blog entries. Great job @trudeehunter

· know how to make my day don't you @futuremind? Thank you so much for your positive and encouraging comments. I'm glad you enjoyed viewing these images. Have an awesome day/afternoon/evening. 🌷 🌸 🌷

This is really awesome photography.
This is real or artificial flowers.
I am first time seeing.
thanks for sharing.

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Thank you for your lovely comments @shashiprabha I applied digital effect to my original flower photo and this is the result. I'm happy that you like them.

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This different types of flowers nice pic.

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Thank you @csharma I'm glad you like them.

I would like to grow flowers in my garden that look exactly like these! Beautiful edits my friend. Hope you are feeling much better today.


They are rather pretty aren't they? Thank you very much for your concern my friend. I'm still not great. But things will improve.......eventually. 🌸 🌷 🌸


Things will improve and I hope it happens soon!


Oh yes......I have no doubt of that Melinda. Thanks .....with hugs. 💕

You never stop to amaze me with your so picturesque editing i have all the colors of these Frangipani flowers just over my balcony the red ones are so pretty :)


Thanks so much for your wonderful comments and kind support my friend. 🌸 🌷 🌸

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