My African bucket list

11개월 전


I’m a little obsessed with my bucket list. I see so many people just living their everyday lives and I just can’t do it. I want to go everywhere, see everything, do everything! I wrote about the best times to go to each country.

As well as my Canadian, American, Island America, Mexican, South American, European, Asian, Antarctica and other travel bucket lists :)

So if you are heading to these areas these are some things you might want to check out

So here’s my African bucket list! (Some I’ve done already and some I have yet to do still)

  • South Africa - African safari, ride an elephant, go to every continent


  • Egypt - see the pyramids of Giza, see a world wonder, ride a camel, cruise the Nile, see Alexandria


  • Jordan - float in the dead sea, go to Petra, see a world wonder

Have you done these things? What should I add to my African bucket list?

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