My European bucket list

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As well as my Canadian, American, Island America, Mexican, and South America bucket lists :)

So if you are heading to these areas these are some things you might want to check out

So here’s my European bucket list! (Some I’ve done already and some I have yet to do still)

  • Ireland
  • Scotland - drink scotch
  • England - London, Stonehenge, Longleat Hedge Maze, London Eye, Steines, Buckingham Palace, visit family, rain room, Westminster, live for a year
  • Netherlands- Moses bridge, Holland, Anne Frank’s house
  • France - Paris, see the Mona Lisa, Eiffel tower, speak French, Disneyland, Notre Dam, Louvre
  • Spain - Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Toledo, Rhonda, Grenada
  • Portugal


  • Switzerland - CERN, swiss alps, take the glacier express, winter sports
  • Italy - Venice, Vatican city, Rome, Roman Coliseum, see a world wonder, go on a Venetian boat ride, Tuscany, Sicily, Sienna, St Marks square, Parthenon, put a note on Juliet’s wall
  • Germany - Berlin wall, drive on the autobahn, Auschwitz, Peristal Signum, drink beer
  • Denmark - Tivoli gardens
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Turkey - ruins of the old world wonders
  • Greece - island hop, Artemis temple, Athens
  • Iceland - Crystal Cave, Blue Lagoon, hot springs, see the Northern lights, sleep in an igloo

Have you been to these places? What should I add to my European bucket list?


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