Basic story about uniqueness / by normal people

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Unique is a very difficult thing to get. If the unique thing is in the form of animals or flowers. But there are those who make things unique with their various works of art and some are magic.

An example of a picture. Many of us see cool and good works that have unique values. If we see. Uploud image. The picture. Normal. But if those who see the post are of artistic value. Then the post will be good. The value of the uniqueness comes from a soul desire that is curious that he has. But if the object is of unique value, we no longer need to judge the work. Take it immediately and enjoy it.

Discussion of the unique things that are of value. It's not easy to interpret in an object. Or that is not real.

One day my friend ever. Talking to me. Hi ... @winjaya ... He greeted me and asked.
What do you think about that animal.
I can only answer.
How do I explain it to you @winjikel. Because you don't like things that are unique and abstract.
Come back he is compliant. With my answer ... ahh it's just animals. What's with that animal ... I see. There is no animal that is different from the others. Still animals.
I was silent and could only smile at him. And then we immediately began our conversation while enjoying a cup of coffee. That afternoon.
I tried to explain a little about something unique and abstract from a naked view.
Hi ... @winjikel ... Do you know what's unique about a part of our body. For example, like a human head. That's where programing works and processes views captured by the camera. That is the eye. So is the case with animals that we find.

There are animals without eyes or they live. By relying on feeler antenna sensors. They will detect heat on targets that will be targeted for food. There are also animals with unusual shapes and sizes. But it is real and we can see it. There are also animals that are not real.
The meaning is not real. I mean it's hard for the eye to see. The camera in our eyes is not able to detect this. Examples are magic.

From my series of explanations. I myself still feel confused. While shaking my head, I could only smile at him.

This morning. Activities are hampered by rain. While enjoying a cup of coffee. We chose to chat. While exchanging ideas about something unique. Next I made this post. And uploud for "esteemit".

Happy activities in the Indonesian region. Who doesn't rain. Because you can continue your activities. Likewise, we are here. Expect your full support for us. For the sake of the next job.



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