can not be everywhere

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Good value, but talking too much value they can not tell how much d o. Because အမှန်တရားဆိုတာ his courage and honor, especially because of how the standards separately, non-judgment and the ability to get things back.
Everybody 'Truth Mon profit whether they want to worship a foreign partner. Value. I love the truth, Must be viewed correctly, His righteous cause, Great lips, a warning saying, I do not. However, all the time I can not be everywhere. Sometimes I profess to want to know the Truth When confronted, Backs up Claiming to be crazy when they throw them all too human nature anyway.
And, the truth can provide a range of nine. Happiness we can make many painful sadness, so excited to see Truth face flavor romantic true. Sometimes the truth than a knife, honey child sweetish ရှတတ. Sometimes the river at the edge of the precipice child with pigeon like a file folder, Sometimes the eyes of someone who works off and knife blade generally concerned about her age, Sometimes, the balls drop head machines, like resentment bitter hatred The sorts of unbearable suffering can provide because the truth is not always sweet taste.
Recently the truth and confront unusual to see a hero and go after the big open an era of transparency even a hero to emerge first and foremost, I must say. Hero's often said recently, all was confusion.

Open the 'truth' of any reason standard of police with his dignity. ''

Universal peace, Are practically mute wonder whether they received blood from the body. Mann feared the word 'words, words, This is mortally shot. She is currently a shot of truth ဒုရဲမှူး Yan Naing jobs a year in prison and a heavy duty work 0.

Cockchafer beetle in her beauty and light, The firefly's light, ခရေပန်း also pretends her flower and her scent. All with its own 0-shaped, You could be standing still. With dignity a doctor in the presence of his dignity. Writers with many ailments and his dignity. I'll write the same ကိုယ်ယုံကြည်ရာ. Impartial, Do not betray Which operate as the truth in any era, contrary to, Stand firm. Members of the sorts of beauty and dignity of the author, and they write letters. 'Truth' is correct, Handles the correct law could be done to create letters.

In the past, a tale tracks. King said that while wander near the Ganges. Meanwhile, the Ganges was full of water. So great renown, March of the big river '' whether you can make a rice '' I asked. The people are not smart.

The story is called 'cross-stroke is the' truth 'of prostitutes could have overturned the world,' 'she faithful when river 0 ုန်း sounding heavy rice company from a river. The 'cross-stroke' faithful '' As soon as I did, The rich, The amount ၰား This is not the poor pay to feed them over with the frenzied reception. The rich and special care. Despise the poor -as. love, Without hatred. Foster. This is the faithful of the Ganges river, the water and rice. Amen. ''
Doing the work without the prestige standpoint, prostitutes, but not his moral dignity maintained friendships. Whatever the point where people on the job faithfully and without bias, It is vital to the righteous prostitutes Malay folk hero.

မေတ္တာတရားသည် to see it go. If success is true love said to be able to successful performance. ဒုရဲ former Yan Naing's word is there a true spiritual path of truth, If there is not on the right path unfaithful is interesting.
His mouth words without lying deceive sacred truth is if you're correct inverse rice river Ganges water can turn to change the world like a hero i wish irreversibly. Because the truth of (a) the time period I can do is believe. .

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