Good bye Partiko - Hello eSteem

25일 전


Unfortunately the popular Partiko App seems to be discontinued. At least on Android.
It actually started pretty well. Rewards program was fine and working.
But at some point issues started to get more often and bug fixes took longer and longer.

By now there is no notification or reward program working for months. Sad.

But lucky eSteem App has won an active user more. Let's see how it goes and let's hope Devs don't let it fall ;)

At lest their discord is pretty active and their staff reacted pretty fast on today's issue with the update. Great first impression to be honest.

Keep it going guys :)

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The app's amazing, an effort put together by a noteworthy team. I think you'll like it.

So far i can't get esteem to work on android, maybe i'll give it another try.

Posted using Partiko Android


Well downloaded it today and had no issues after they fixed the version from a few hours before ;)
Running Android 9.1 on a Huawei P20 Lite


Hmm did it download quickly? In the app store it just is stuck waiting to download, maybe a bunch of people are trying to download it at the same time lol.


Yeah, took only a minute or so.


Turns out my cache was too full after i cleared it the installation was loke 15 seconds.

I have been using esteemapp since I joined Steem in 2017. I have been continously impressed with the team behind the app!

Well.. I never use partiko at all.. because I fell for esteemapp on the first day I started on steemit 2 years ago.. enjoy your journey 😉