Hampir setiap upacara adat ritual menggunakan Garantung,

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Kecrek is a traditional musical instrument used in the Gambang Kromong music orchestra in Jakarta. Kecrek is a fairly simple musical instrument because at a glance Kecrek is only made of several bronze metal blades that are given "base" of wood to be hit.

The sound produced from the hit Kecrek made him categorized into the type of percussion music with his voice "crek-crek-crek" when hit. Kecrek also usually only used as a marker / tone confirmation when you want to start and end a musical stage.


Garantung is also a traditional musical instrument that is beaten typical of Central Kalimantan played Dayak tribe and included into the group of musical instruments idiofon, Garantung made from a mixture of metal types. Garantung has a similar form of Gong musical instruments on Javanese Gamelan instruments, but Garantung creates a different sound when compared to Gong in Javanese gamelan.

The sound produced by Garantung has a short vibration, playing technique and the number of musical instruments are also different. Garantung is played by being beaten using a wood-clenched baton at the end so as not to damage the physical Garantung.

Almost every ritual custom ceremony uses Garantung, in addition to being a musical instrument that dominates the ceremony, Garantung is also used as a Balian escort when singing a mantra or dancing, calling the community to indicate if the important thing to be done in the area.

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