The part of the beak is pink pastel and orange.

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Not infrequently, they dare to spend more money to buy a lovebird blorok. The lowest price is 1,300,000 for adult birds. For the highest price, can reach 1,500,000 or more.

The price of a lovebird is determined by the type and age of the bird. No wonder, certain types of birds are rewarded with pretty fantastic numbers. The more exotic the color, the higher the price. There are also certain types that dibanrol quite expensive because of difficulties pembiakannya. Of course, this does not dampen the intention of the poultry keepers to get it.


At first glance, this single chirping animal is seen to have a blue color on the body parts and wings. But after careful attention, blue color mixed with purple, resulting in a blend of violet colors. In the chest, the lovebird feathers are white, while the head and face are filled with black gradations. The eyelids are bright white.


The part of the beak is pink pastel and orange. There are also other variants called pastels violet. Why is that? Because the dominant color combinations for the chest and wings are pastels and violets.

For one adult lovebird violet tail, the price ranges from 500,000 to 800,000. Of course, the puppies can be bought for less.

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