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Dear Steemians,

Kindly, forgive my absence. After blogging here, daily, for over a year I experienced something of a crisis of faith re: this platform. In the last two months, I've been trying to focus on having a fuller life, offline: job hunting, readying a new book for publication and spending more time with friends and family.

Today, I'm excited to share an interview with you about my new book, a collection of short meditations, titled: 'Where Epics Fail.' In this wide-ranging conversation with the Sectarian Review podcast, the host and I discuss art, spirit, community, silence, and politics. I do hope that you will enjoy this broad discussion as much as we did: https://www.sectarianreviewpodcast.com/episodes-and-show-notes/episode-111-yahia-lababidi-where-epics-fail?fbclid=IwAR0DOena5S0MJfAGCycpkA5IvHaReJuSrbUsdCNkztupqVw18iolBD2rDHU

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Welcome back, I've missed you. Sounds like you have been up to good things!

I'm here less than I'd like to be, because I am moving and it's an immense job. But eventually I will be back to commenting more often. Be well, my friend!

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Hey, Kind Guy :) Best of luck with that move--I know they take time and energy! Hope it brings you new possibilities and that you catch your breath, soon.

Sending good vibes your way _/|\_

SO glad you're back!! I know it's been a rough ride with so many of us taking breaks (myself included) and crypto values being so low, BUT you do great work and am heartened that you've made your way back to Steemit.

Actually this morning you crossed my mind so I checked your blog to see if you had any recent posts and tonight as I give steemit a quick check, here you are in my feed.

Congratulations on your new book and I will give your broadcast a listen tomorrow as I putter :-)


Hiya, there! You're one of few people I hope to keep in touch with , beyond Steemit, so it's especially good to hear from you (and to learn I'm not the only one taking breaks :)

Thanks, for the encouragement and I hope this finds you creatively engaged. Hope, too, podcast keeps you good company, my friend, as you putter <3

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Good to have you back, Yahia. I understand the need to focus on other things and the time they can take. I haven't been around as much either. Book editing is no small feat. I still check out my feed every day​ and it is nice to see you posting again. I've reesteemed this to spread the word:)


Thank you, Pryde, for understanding and sharing. Was getting a bit disheartened and with energy being finite and all, thought it best to try to focus on 'other things'. Luckily, I got a book deal in India (with publishers of Deepak Chopra & Dr Wayne Dyer) and my first lit agent. So, that's promising. Hope offline life has been rewarding for you, amiga. Cheers :)


That is really cool. Good job and congratulations, Yaya :)


Thanks, for your encouragement, Guy! New developments, since; that I hope to share with you, privately ;)


That is wonderful, Yahia. I am so pleased​ for you:)


Thank you _/|\_ Still living hand to mouth, but might have chance to visit India, which is exciting:)