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Grasshopper, that's the name pinned on one insect species on this one, the name is familiar to everyone, both among children and adults. This is caused by its presence which is quite easy to find anywhere. Especially in areas where there is still land that is still green or plants that grow on each land. Besides being found in many villages, grasshoppers are also found in urban areas which incidentally still has a green garden as a place for plants to grow and develop every type of plant, both wild plants and ornamental plants

Then based on the opinions of insect experts, they said that grasshoppers themselves are a type of insects that undergo incomplete metamorphosis that is not the same as insects such as butterflies. However, this post does not discuss about it. But what will be mentioned here is just the introduction of characteristics.

To find their habitat is not difficult, it will be very easy to find it in the plantation area of ​​the farmers, who breed naturally on the plantation itself. Then in that area there were also various species of grasshoppers with different shapes and patterns, such as the case with the residents' plantations in our area, I found them in several types, but I was very interested in the locusts in the picture. Because the shape is unique and different from ordinary grasshoppers in general.

In my personal experience I have found 2 species of locusts which incidentally are different from ordinary grasshoppers in general, such as short antenna locusts and long antennae locusts. They are grasshoppers that are often encountered in our region. However they are still in the same order and are still categorized into wood insect species, although there are unique differences.
This is based on the summary of experts in classifying them into the same order, as it does in this table.

Sub OrdoCaelifera
SourceClass 7 textbook

There is one uniqueness in this species of woodhoppers, it is able to jump higher or about 20 times higher than its body size and even more.

Grasshopper itself has physical characteristics that almost resemble other insect species, i.e. it has:

  • Typical head
  • Two antennas
  • Two pairs of layered wings
  • Thick Thorax
  • Two grasshopper legs and two hands
  • Having strong molars
  • And other things that are completeness as a characteristic grasshopper

Wooden grasshopper or sometimes people call it a leaf grasshopper is one of the insect species whose shape and size is very distinctive and unique, so it is very easy to recognize

Thus a review of the characteristics of grasshoppers that are very well known by every community in the world. Thanks.

TopikWooden grasshopper
Photo addressAceh Indonesia
CameraMI Note 7
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