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2년 전


What's up my fellow Steemians! Isn't today a great day to be alive? I have to admit that I'm a little extra chipper this morning. It may be the cup of coffee that I had earlier with breakfast? I'm not a regular coffee drinker so whenever I do partake, it has a bold impact on the Bandito.

So what's the picture you ask? It's a picture of an Ibenez RG series electric guitar that was gifted to me by a friend from YouTube. Pretty generous gift, eh?

In the first picture, I was playing with the camera editing effects on my new phone. I got a Galaxy S10 Plus which has a lot of cool features on it.



This is what the guitar looks like without any filters added.


Thanks for taking a peep, I hope you all have a great day!


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Hey buddy, I appreciate that!

I got another herb question for ya, if you don't mind? I know you enjoy the herb and I can appreciate that. I can't wait to hopefully see the day when it's legalized not only in my state but everywhere. But the other day when you said that you like to break up the herb when packing a bowl versus using a grinder-Do you think that it's better that way or is it just personal preference? I ask because I read somewhere that when you break up the bud, it damages and/or removes a lot of the trichomes on the bud. These guys were even talking about certain grinders to stay away from due to the design of the grinding teeth, apparently certain designs can rob the precious little crystals and beautiful globes of magic also. Whether or not it makes much of a difference or not, I dunno. I was just wondering if you have heard that or if you've done it both ways and could tell any difference?


I prefer breaking it up because I don't really like grinders.. I don't want my kief separated like most grinders do.. plus breaking it up by hand allows more air flow thru the joint so it burns better..

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