Some Quality time with Nature of Tea and forest.


After one week I have come back in steemit world. Today I will share my amusing travelling place story with my all steemit friends. It's very deficult to find out free time free time for refreshments.


We are so busy those are in a private service job. Anyway once I went to Srimongol for natural refreshments. I took a reservation at The Tea Haven resort in Srimongol.


It's a very beautiful resort at Srimongol. All arrangements of this resort was pleased to me. iy0aljsexy.jpg

Swimming pool, Lake, playground full filled my expectation. I spent two days in that resort. First day I visited a forest in moulovibazar.


This forest name is Laowasora National Parkland (লাউয়াছড়া জাতীয় উদ্যান)। Basically its a forest of so many rare trees.


I have some videos of this forest but I can't add this videos in steemit. Anyway then next day I visited the Madhappur Lake which is stated so high from land level.


Then next day I backed to my town and good bye the tea town of Bangladesh.


Thanks for stopping by.......
All pictures have been taken by my Galaxy S6 mobile phone.

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