Why did God create Flower ? Just 4 Pollination ?


Sometimes I think, why did God create the flowers. I don know which one is right. We know well that flower bloomed for completing pollination process.


Flower attracts the pest by his color variations. Some of flowers attract pest 4 Pollination by her fragrance. That means God created the flower 4 Pollination only.


So, why does people like flowers ? Why does flower attract the people by her fragrance and variety of her colour. Every one like to get flower in his hand and gift his friends.


Why did the people of the world select the flower as a gift ? Why do we be please to see folwer ? Why people didn't select other things for best gift?

I feel a new experience when I look to a flower. A pest is attracted by flower and people also. But Now a days we (people) don't like to each and other regarding religion or colour.

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All pictures have been taken by Galaxy S6 mobile phone.

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