See What I See: Straight Out Of The Ground

3년 전


See What I See:

After millions of years growing in the earth, to my hand, to your eyes...


Eldorado, Ontario Canada
September 3, 2018.


Let the green charge your heart chakra.


~ Rebecca

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Ontario's first gold rush!
There be gold in them thar hills.
Are you prospecting? Or u just out having fun.


Why I am shopping for land Mr. @billmega and I’m pretty sure...;)


Oh man 😍. Thats something I always wanted to do!. I don't watch much tv but I actually really enjoy the Gold mining shows. Real or not...
Above ground mining looks more fun than anything,
like a big sand box.
I have family underground mining in Sudbury. Not as much fun. Hard work but the pays good! In 2011. I had a 4 month contract at Vale.
Here is a pic of what the party line looked like deep underground


Hahaha! Of course you do @billmega! Shocked, I am not . In fact, I expect nothing less, at this point...
I am building you your own cottage...(wink, wink)
It’s a bit of a fixer upper but nothing we can’t handle...


Thank you very much for the green mana. We're rejuvenating. :)
It looks like there are some minerals and various lifeforms all intermixing and cohabiting.


You bet there is and was @vantocan!
Here’s another beauty that I am currently working on identifying from that’s not an Amanita Muscaria, the spots aren't right. It was a great day in the deep forest. ;)


Very nice! I can just see the gills on the underside of the photo. I love the colour on that beaut!! Thanks for posting the photo, much appreciated.

woah. thats pretty cool.

perhaps i need to go on an adventure.
hunt some of this sorta stuff XD


I bet you have some amazing geology and nature in your country @dunstuff!

Nothing better that walk around place like this and feel the connection with nature, nowadays we have in our cities a lot of buildings and malls but the real connection between humans and nature is in the mountains and seas, i say that because each weekend i go walk in a mountain near to my house and when i'm there i can breath fresh air, heard birds and enjoy with the view and that's great. Regards


Thank you for sharing your thoughts @dim753. I completely agree with you. I think that your habit of going to the mountain will give you good health. I wish this for you. :)

Excellent photos, my friend, these amazing minerals are poured in different colors and you are right, the green color is very pleasant. Well done! Thanks Rebecca


Thank you very much @serkagan!
The crystal formations were beautiful and that was a complete rock wall of brilliant green moss. :)

You have taken some specific subjects photo.

Ancient but nice collection

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Nice find! It looks like a fun spot to explore

welcome back to friend!

It's wonderful that the earth shares her beauty with us, if we only take the time to see. I did get a rush seeing those crystal formations. Makes me see how small and insignificant humans really are!

The pictures are so great. See my very happy post. It's very good.


The pictures are so
Great. See my very happy
Post. It's very good.

                 - akikur100

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Very cool rocks! Thank you for sharing these.