What! You're a good doctor, too


"What! You're a good doctor, too!"

A few days ago
One brother asked in the comment
You're a good person,
What! Are you a good doctor too ??

In this regard
I would say that
what I,
Any conscious human being,
about yourself
Can't claim to be a good person!
Nor about yourself
It can really say that
He's a good doctor.
He is a good lawyer.
He's a good engineer.

My thinking is that
Creature god
By the grace of Allah
The good person begins to understand
This is your absolute good fortune
And if
Your patient
If a good doctor starts to understand
This too
Good luck with you -

as far as
If I speak for myself
I've been trying
As long as I live -
The number of people who call me is high
The number of people who say bad things to me is low.

And as far as
If you are concerned about being a doctor,
There has always been an effort
My clinic is clean.
Never lie to patients -
Recommend them the best treatment -
Who have the ability to work,
Do that work
And who is not qualified to work,
Don't do that at any cost
To the patient
Let me refer you to the senior doctor -


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