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You are the most blessed of all women, and blessed is the child you will bear.... For as soon as I heard your greeting, the baby within me jumped with gladness (Luke 1: 42-44).

My greetings to @SirKnight and my fellow Steemians, especially the Steemchurch Commumity members. Today, I write on what parents must do when they are expecting a baby. I hope you will learn one or two things therein.


In our mother's womb we were formed as the Psalmist makes it clear for all to acknowledge that it is God that formed our inmost being. Knit us together on our mother's womb. For this, everyone must appreciate and thank God ( Psalm 139: 13-16), starting immediately to play your role as parents towards proper child upbringing. From day one, the couple should talk and decree great tidings to the baby. Believe it or not, the foetus hears your prayers, lectures, sermons and pleas. Sing melodious songs of praise, thanksgiving, peace, goodness and love to the baby. The unborn baby listens, hears, sees and observes all the goings-on, in and around him/her. By so doing, the couple is inculcating best qualities and virtues unto the child at that vital point in human development.

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As the flesh, bones, sinews are being formed, the mental and intellectual capabilities are also developing. The couple must perceive and treat the embryo in the woman's womb as a full-fledged human person, seeking and yearning for wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Quarrelling, gossiping, nagging, cursing, swearing, fighting and all forms of indecent behaviours must be avoided theoughout this period of pregnancy and always. Rather, the couple should strive to enhance the romantic relarionship that brought them together, in the first instance. Continuosly being in genuine love and meeting their intimate emotional needs, even during this period. Truely, this kind of environment breeds important personalities that will shape their world in prudent leadership. Notably, and this must be emphasized that the essence of marriage, first and formost is to live happily together: COMPANIONSHIP - procreation, a mere addendum.


During this period of pregnancy, the couple should endeavour to eat good food; balanced diet, together with regular exercises. They should find time to walk together around the neighborhood, chatting with broad smiles along the road. This will go along way in not only easing tension, stress and boredom but will also strengthen the muscular ligaments of the woman's body necessary for easy child delivery. Living a sedentary lifestyle may have negative side effect.

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Living a good life generally by the would-be fathers and mothers is of extreme importance; all in great expectation of the grand entry into the world of another great deity. While environmental challenges, like drugs abuse, and chronic stress, felt by mothers during pregnancy have been shown to cause risk of certain diseases, father's influence on his children is of serious importance for consideration. Watchout for next blog post. As you resteem, comment and upvote, Godbless you.

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