Cindra mani / yes or no. Wallah'hualam

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The Story of the Aceh Society.

A long time ago. During the heyday of Sultan Iskandar Muda. Acehnese people are very advanced and very rich with abundant wealth. With the support of very wise leaders. That is BAGINDA ISKANDAR MUDA.

On the sidelines of progress. Tucked into a story. This time. Acehnese still believe and are confident. But in my opinion.


The story is about snakes (Cindra Mani).

What is the snake like?
This time. I myself do not know what the snake looks like. Based on the narrative of the story of Acehnese parents. Snake (Cindra Mani). This is almost the same as in my next video show below.

At first I thought. This snake is a worm. But after I see and pay close attention. I remember the story of the Acehnese. About Snake (Cindra Mani). The shape of the snake "Cindra Mani". According to those who hear. Slippery. Don't stick out your tongue. Move slowly. Resembles a worm. This is a characteristic of "snake cindra mani". But I myself am not sure about this discovery. That this is a snake "cindra mani.


What are the advantages of the snake "cindra mani"
It is said that the story.

Snake "Cindra mani". Name. By this Aceh community. What is the incarnation of a beautiful angel. Who inhabits some people who like it. According to their information (Acehnese). Snake "Cindra mani". Can provide abundant wealth. If these snakes inhabit their homes. Not everyone is lucky. Because of this snake. Choose. Who can be the "HOUSEHOLD" from the house where he lives? This snake is also known as a treasure guard. What is left by the owner. Which has been left for hundreds of years. For the sake of the story of the snake "cindra mani". Wallah'hualam.


From this written story. Maybe from friends. Want to add a story about this snake. Then I am @adiwangure. Ready to receive a response. As additional material in the value of historical stories among Acehnese people.

Location Snack :

Screenshot Gps and Maps

Criticize your suggestions. I'm looking forward.
Support. Of course for me. I hope to be able to continue my next work. For your support.


Hopefully this post is useful. For readers. Especially in respectable communities. And for all of you. Who has read my post.

Have a nice day.



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