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  1. People are banished to Zone 7 for being ‘impure’, i.e. for being different to the norm
    as defined by the leaders of the Motherland.
    Write a short essay discussing whether something similar to the notion of ‘impurity’
    still exists in our society today.
  2. Standish says, “Gramps was the only person that still pulled at the gravity in me,”
    (p. 23).
    Why is this such an apt description of their relationship? Write a story about the
    person who pulls at the gravity in you.
  3. Why is propaganda so powerful? How are people tricked into believing things
    they should recognise as lies? Can you think of examples in recent history where
    propaganda was used to sway the opinion of the masses? Present one case to your
  4. Write an extra chapter detailing what happened after Standish exposed the moon
    landing as a hoax.
  5. Standish says, “A uniform was a way of making us all the same,” about their school
    uniforms, and considers this uniformity a bad thing (p. 17).
    Write a short essay discussing the pros and cons of wearing school uniforms today.
  6. What real historical setting is the book based on? Compare the characters and
    countries in the story with those from the actual event. Who is who in the story? How
    do story and reality compare?
  7. Standish says, “Of course we only saw this in black and white, it was the commentator
    who was doing the colouring in by numbers” (p. 95).
    What does he mean? Do you think our media still does the same thing? Find examples.
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