Goldfish freshwater fish is one of the most popular fish among Indonesian

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Ornamental fish airwana can be encountered in Southeast Asia, in Asia itself Arwana fish in nicknames as dragon fish because it has two tentacles under his lips are used as a tool to detect prey, That's what causes arowana fish also called predaror fish.


Ornamental fish gurame padang has a shape that is not much different from the gouramy in general, the difference if ordinary gouramy fish is often used as a fish konsmusi, namu if gurami padang is much-loved as an ornamental fish.

In addition, the other difference is located in the color, carp padang fish when the small body yellow reddish, tapered mouth and body parts and tail wide.

But the gurame of the padang has changed its shape on the head and its body color fades into pale yellow and its reddish color disappears.

At the head of an adult gouramy fish usually becomes more strange with the shape of the forehead and chin is getting bigger. Different when the carp is still small the shape of his head taper like a fish sepat.


Goldfish freshwater fish is one of the most popular fish among Indonesian fish lovers. Judging from the color of the goldfish is not much different from other freshwater ornamental fish, especially goldfish freshwater ornamental fish.

Chef's goldfish has a unique shape that makes it difficult to say what it looks like, but because it is unique that makes this fish funny and adorable.

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