KeepStake Airdrop! Earn Ethereum for Holding ETH & ERC20 Tokens!


 The KeepStake smart contract is a staking validator.

The Ethereum and tokens of the KeepStake smart contract that are used for staking are represented by each member of the KeepStake pool. Each user that joins the pool in the registration phase will be distributed 1 KPSK token, a publicly tradeable ERC20 token worth exactly 1 ETH. Holding the KPSK token means you will receive ETH payouts from the KeepStake pool every 100,000 Ethereum blocks (~15 days). 

Register to join KeepStake

You must register before December 1st 2018. You can also earn ETH rewards for referring friends to join our staking pool. If you want to register multiple addresses you can do so once the KPSK token is distributed by invoking the apply Multiple function of the KeepStake smart contract. 

Receive regular ETH rewards

Every 100,000 Ethereum blocks (15 days) you will receive ETH staking rewards proportional to your Ethereum and tokens in your registered address

Receive your KPSK token

As long as you registered before December 1st 2018, you will receive a KPSK token. The KPSK token is tethered to ETH. 1 KPSK = 1 ETH. You can swap your KPSK token back for ETH by invoking the _returnEth function of the KeepStake smart contract.  

Cumulative Rewards

You can earn ETH rewards from staking your previous ETH Rewards. The KeepStake smart contract is designed to allow exponential asset inrease. Rewards from rewards.

Sing up today for the Airdrop and receive 1 KeepStake Token = 1 Ethereum -

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