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Hello every body!

This time I will introduce you to a project related to P2P transactions. Buy, Sell and Trade your favorite cryptocurrency using any payment method, such as Bank Account, Paypal, Western Union, anywhere in the world without any restrictions and by using only P2P. What helps you do that?

Yes. That project is BITVALAVE.


So let's find out about this new project with me!

Bitvalve is a P2P Exchange stage, with real focal points that will change the manner in which individuals exchange Peer to Peer, by consolidating every one of the advantages of current trades and beating misfortunes that make the market not achieve its maximum capacity. This stage won't just target proficient brokers, yet in addition typical clients who just need to trade their coins for fiat or for different cryptos in a quick, shoddy and productive way.

Problem solved

Currently, electronic money trading floors are mostly decentralized trading floors available.

There are significant limitations, such as relatively high fees, support for a limited amount of electronic money, no activation of electronic money transactions, basic UX design and user interface design, lack of support for iPhone and Android apps, security information weakness or expensive offers. Dispute resolution support does not exist, based on slow and rigid processes, limited. Payment methods, and restrictions available.


Up to 50% less fees: Than the leading P2P Exchange in the market.
Multi Cryptocurrency Support: We support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, and more.
Crypto to Crypto Trading: Trade instantly and securely your favourite crypto for another crypto.
Official Mobile Apps: Custom built iOS and Android Official Applications, for enhanced trading experience



Token metrics


Sale of BTV tokens through the pre-ICO

Proceeds from the pre-ICO will be used primarily to develop the Demo and ensure a successful ICO.

The pre-ICO will be executed on a first-come, first-served basis up until the total sum of the collected funds reaches USD 330,000.

The purpose of the ICO is to collect funds required for the development and the successful launch of the final product, i.e., the Platform and the associated BTV token. In comparison with other ICOs, the Company needs a rather reasonable financial sum to complete the Project and, therefore, the maximum cap of the ICO is set at USD 2.8 million.

First Period 01/03-08/03/2019: bonus of 20%; Minimum investment: 200 USD; Tokens for sale: 3.705.000 BTV

Second Period 17/03/2019 - 24/03/2019: bonus of 15%; Minimum Investment: 150 USD; Tokens for sale: 3.550.625 BTV

Third Period 02/04/2019 - 09/04/2019: bonus of 10%; Minimum Investment: 100 USD Tokens for sale: 3.396.250 BTV

Fourth Period 17/04/2019 - Until Release: bonus of 5%; Minimum Investment: 20 USD Tokens for sale: 3.241.875 BTV

Token distributed


Personal opinion

BitValve is a good project with a good idea, a clear roadmap. Serious work team, many creative ideas. This will be a safe and convenient method of trading in the future. Lower transaction fees than current exchanges are really promising for crypto market like me

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