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Hello every body!
If you have followed my blog, you already know I have reviewed a lot of Bcnex projects in Vietnamese language. Some readers texted me and asked if they could get an English version because they were not Vietnamese. Therefore, today I translated my previous reviews into English in the hope that foreign readers can also seize the opportunity with Bcnex project.

As you know, the digital money market has developed strongly in recent times and the Blockchain trading platforms have been opened more and more. But if you are a person who has been involved in this market for a while, you will notice the shortcomings that most trading platforms are currently affected by: slow trading, low liquidity, security level and safety is still low, ...

I have always been looking for a trading platform to ensure security and safety factors for my assets. And today, I am really happy to share with you the new BCNEX project - the new trading platform is promised to change the game in the electronic money trading market in the near future. Join me to find out what the Bcnex trading platform will do to overcome the existing trading platforms!

Compare existing trading floors with Bcnex trading platform

Technical architecture : Existing trading platforms often develop hastily to keep up with market growth, they choose the simplest methods to set up the system. That leads to a platform that works well and saves initially but then when the market of the platform is expanded, the system becomes overloaded and the processing speed is poor.

Security level of the trading platform : After many hacker incidents, the exchanges have been more strict in managing transactions and making new policies such as KYC mandatory requirements, transaction passwords. , .. but have not really solved the problems because their team is inexperienced and does not invest too much on this issue.
Bcnex is built on the highest platform, strictly controlled and always inspected to prevent unauthorized access to their systems. Bcnex implements a multi-layer firewall security system and uses denial-of-service anti-attack tools until a user sees a potential failure.

Liquidity level: Liquidity level is an important factor to increase the value of the trading floor, most of the exchanges are only average liquidity. When there are few buy and sell orders, it means that the price slippage leads to the situation of financial results not as expected by investors.
Bcnex's team has many years of experience in foreign exchange, blockchainn industry and pre-coding, digital assets, Their team has also worked with many international exchanges and accumulated a lot. experience from them. This will also be a firm and safe step for investors

Customer care service : There are many floors that overlook customer care and handle traders' complaints. I used to wait 6 hours just to receive a response to the transaction verification issue. It is really a bad experience for customers, especially in the market that changes with each second like technical money.
Bcnex always considers customer care as the core of success, Bcnex's staff and staff share the experience of support and answer to help each other's problems and most of all 24/7 time to serve


From the personal point of view, the level of security and safety in Bcnex transactions will solve the weaknesses of the current trading floors. And I believe that with the devotion of the development team will help the project improve and bring the project to the top of the best trading floors in the near future.

For information about the project, please visit the following sources of information:

Website: https://www.bcnex.net

Telegram: https://t.me/Bcnex_Official

Author: Dream93

Profile link Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2194450

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