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Hello every body!
I haven't long post a new project review. Because I really couldn't find a good project for you to refer to, but today I'm very happy to share with you HubrisOne project.

HubrisOne, is a cryptocurrency wallet and traditional fiat bank account combined into a powerful, intelligent, regulated and compliant mobile application. They are focused on merging the benefits of these two powerful industries, seamlessly. They have designed HubrisOne to be easy to use, secure and intelligent. HubrisOne is more than just a digital cryptocurrency friendly bank account. It is a realistic and innovative approach to banking and cryptocurrency utilization.

Members and the number of people interested in the project is increasing. So, What of the project attracted them?


Not only will HubrisOne open more doors for cryptocurrency adoption, HubrisOne will allow users and investors to use
one solution for all of their banking needs, today and more importantly, in the future. This is banking for the cryptocurrency generation..

The Problem : Today, the electronic money industry lacks a loose connection with the fiat currency world. The current application is not consumer friendly and lacks a user-friendly experience. There is no focus on application and they are here to change that.

Our Solution : They have built an electronic money asset and fiat account management solution that makes it easy to connect your fiat current account for easy access and exit to the electronic money market. All your important e-money services under one roof. Provided by HBRS token

The Outcome : An all-in-one cryptocurrency-fiat friendly platform that houses cryptocurrency assets, fiat currencies, crypto-lending capabilities, cross-border payments, instant exchange, and integrated wealth aggregation solutions, wrapped in an easy to use user-interface. Check out our solutions here.

Partners have experience and reputation in the market


HubrisOne App


By enabling our target market to execute their day to day banking operations from the HubrisOne app and providing
easy access to the cryptocurrency market infrastructure, we provide a simple vessel for users to adopt cryptocurrencies

The HubrisOne app will increase the adoption rate through our cryptocurrency integrated digital banking accounts.
By presenting a familiar banking solution with cryptocurrency integration, we will slowly increase adoption and
gain users at the same time

A Secure Fiat-Crypto Debit Card for Your Digital Assets

  • Spend Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Pound or Pound, Euro in real-time

  • Receive cashback in HBRS tokens as a reward for your account activity when you spend on your card. They even reward you in HBRS tokens when you make a deposit.

  • Travel globally and spend your cryptocurrency assets or spend traditional currencies from your HubrisOne current account.


Token Sale Information

Private sale: 01 Dec18-23 Dec18

Presale: 01 Dec18-21 Dec18

Public sale: 01 Jan19-15 Feb19

Cap: 16 000 000 USD

Goal: 800 000 USD

Price : 1 Hubris = 0.01 USD

Blockchain: Ethereum

Personal opinion

HubrisOne is a great company with a great future. The project has a good idea, a serious, efficient working team and trusted project partners. This is the company that will change the future and look at many things. Simple application easy to manipulate, suitable for all objects

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