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What is 2Ether?
2Ether is a new digital coin based on the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike ERC20 tokens, it's a fully independent cryptocurrency – with its own blockchain, mining incentives, and so forth. It fully supports smart contracts written in Solidity and is compatible with Ethereum dApps.

The team of 2Ether has several main objectives:

  1. Encourage independent CPU/GPU miners

and protect them from the dominance of mining farms that use ASIC hardware. This is particularly important now that block rewards in Ethereum have been cut by a third, and market prices are still quite low. Ethereum mining stopped being profitable, pushing small miners out of the market. We realize that inflation can be a problem for any cryptocurrency, so rewards should be reduced with time. But it's not correct that ASIC farms survive in any market conditions thanks to their economy of scale, while GPU miners suffer. 2Ether solves this problem thanks to its innovative system of dynamic block rewards. The base reward is slowly reduced with time. At the same time, it's dynamically adjusted for current price. Finally, miners with a low hashrate receive an additional increase.

  1. Provide dApp developers with an affordable audit tool.

Smart contract audit is very important, as it helps protect investors' funds. Unfortunately, blockchain security firms charge very high fees even for the simplest audit, and many of these firms don't render quality services. On 2Ether, projects can apply for free audit – a combination of automated testing and manual reporting, done by specially vetted members of the community. There's also full paid audit with line-by-line code analysis and multiple reports.

  1. Create an IEO platform integrated with a decentralized exchange

and the audit system. IEOs are becoming very popular and will probably replace ICOs. They are much more secure, because projects are vetted by an exchange first. However, exchanges often charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for an ICO, without providing any guarantee of success. 2Ether will offer a decentralized IEO platform where the community does all the evaluation of projects, and all fees are distributed among users. It will be possible to arrange and launch an IEO in just a few days. The new token will be automatically listed on the 2Ether decentralized exchange. Before the IEO, projects can order a smart contract audit on the same platform.

Our mission
We aim to select the best of community ideas and bring them to life, building a framework where miners, developers, and the most promising infrastructure projects can thrive.

What's special about 2Ether?
By using novel data analysis algorithms, we gather the best insights, improvement proposals, and startups. Thanks to 2Ether, you can launch an IEO and get funding for your idea in just two days.

Challenges and solutions
2Ether doesn't promise unrealistic processing speeds or an instant transfer to proof-of-stake and other tech thatdoesn't even exist yet. Instead, we offer solutions to real network problems and easy-to-implement use cases.

• Block rewards for miners keep getting reduced

• IEO fundraising is too expensive & unreliable

• Available audit services have a low quality/price ration

• Most of raised funds are spent on listing, not development

• Dynamic, mission-specific rewards

• Automated IEO platform with immediate listing

• Free crowdsourced and AI-powered smart contract audit

• Built-in decentralized exchange with a near-zero listing fee

Innovative features
2Ether provides a convenient low-cost launchpad for promising startups and rewards all users who benefit the network.

Designed for use in real-world business
The key to-market strategy of 2Ether is to establish partnerships with global and regional crypto payment gateways and online businesses – eCommerce stores, gaming platforms, crowdfunding sites, and so forth.

Free audit of smart contracts
For a project preparing for an IEO, smart contract audit is a crucial step. An audit report proves to potential investors that their funds are safe. Unfortunately, blockchain agencies charge large sums for contract audit – and don't always deliver a reliable result.

Full IEO Automation
Initial exchange offerings have replaced ICOs as the preferred way of fundraising. Unfortunately, it was quickly turned into an industry. Major exchanges charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to launch an IEO – and don't provide any guarantee of success.

2Ether DEX
We've designed 2EtherDEX to have the best of both worlds. It offers fully automated on-chain order execution and bullet-proofprotection against hacker attacks.

2EtherDEX – take your decentralized trading to a new levelUnlike on centralized exchanges, on 2EtherDEX you never risk losing your money. At the same time, you get solid liquidity, fast order matching, and a range of analytical tools.You can choose from 3 blockchains: Ethereum, EOS, and TRON, easily trading any token issued in these networks. No listing fees and no trading fees except for the standard blockchain network fee.

2Ether Wallet
We've designed a wallet that you will want to use every day. It's light, fast, and simple enough even for newbies –yet it includes all the features and security you'd expect from an advanced wallet.2Ether wallet features a full cross-platform synchronization and an intuitive design. All common operations require no more than three taps or clicks. You can store and convert ET2, BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, and hundreds of other tokens and coins. In the upcoming 2.0 release, we will introduce a built-in QR code scanner and user avatars for even more user-friendly contact lists.

Integration with the decentralized exchange
Contact lists
One-click payments with a QR code
Fiat conversions
Full ERC20 support

Bounty campaign
You don't have to be a miner to obtain ET2 coins – all you need to do is join our pre-launch bounty campaign.We have tasks for everyone – you decide how many tokens you want to earn.2Ether generously rewards everyone who helps to spread the word about our project. To maximize your bounty, you can create original content about 2Ether, including video reviews on YouTube, articles, and blogs. As long as your content is unique, relevant, and hasn't been published anywhere else, you're guaranteed a good bounty. Alternatively, you can simply share our news and tweets or write short posts about 2Ether on Facebook and Twitter. To join our bounty, click on the Join Now button below. It will take you to our bounty thread with full campaign terms.

Project Timeline
We don't promise anything we can't deliver.Our short-term roadmap includes only those features that are easy to build and will benefit the whole community.

2019Q2 2019
Formation of the team & ideation

Q3 2019
Fork planning & coding

Q4 2019
Network launch & bounty campaign

2020Q1 2020
Launch of the decentralizedexchange

Q2 20202
Ether Wallet 2.0release & gateway integrations

Q3 2020
Introduction of crowdsourcedsmart contract audit

Q4 2020
Implementation of theIEO platform and first IEOs

2021Q1 2021
AI algorithm for contract auditis ready

Q2 2021
AI-based contract auditand IEO evaluation

For more detailed information, please visit the official link of the project below:

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