Lunch with founder of Neo (Antshares)

4년 전

Thanks to Oliver for setting this meeting up (he also helped with the Reddit AMA).

Got a lunch chill lunch with Da HongFei, the founder of NEO (antshares).

Got an interview too


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Oh cool! Let us know about the interview!

HI @boxminig Thank you for all those very informative videos. Also thank you so much to always find a way to interview all the influent people in the market. I really enjoy all your videos and your kindness. You are very important to listen when it comes to making our mind on different subjects. Make more videos out in HK. Thanks again.

I literally cannot wait to hear how this goes

Well that's insanely amazing! Can't wait for the video!

What a bossman! :)

  ·  4년 전

Upvoted and RESTEEMED!

Very cool! I'm looking forward to the interview. I've been impressed with NEO and the team. They've done a good job with the rebranding and I like how they've really made an effort to communicate and engage with the community.

All positive signs for NEO going forward.

WOWOWOWOW Nice man! i am beyond excited to hear the interview! very excited for Neo and the direction its heading. thanks for doing this!

Where are all these coins going?!

DaHong Fei the Asia Vitalik Buterin, he's a great guy. I will love to watch the interview video @boxmining

good luck man

Boxmining and Neo! Great interview pair...can't wait!

Nice photo :D

That's quite an awesome lunch hey! Congrats man. This is really cool.

I gave you a follow :) Talk soon.

That's really cool. We are holding Neo for the long term, as this is one of the most promising coins on the market.