Something Bad Happening on Ethereum

4년 전

Yesterday, I posted Ethereum's network status in Korean. It seemed that ZRX crowdsale and trading ZRX with Ether Delta made the network flooded. Today, more interesting and bad are happening.

Look at EtherDelta first:

There are many out of gas issues are taking place especially with trade function. (Example)

But worse part is here: ZRXCrowdsale
Since Aug-16-2017 03:10:32 PM (block 4165451) there is no successful transaction so far, approximately 3850 txs in a row...

Even with $125 fee!

2017-08-16 (3).png

While Ethereum peaked all-time-high record of 4.78 TPS (413246/day), it is still doubtful it can provide good user experience with the current structure.

And here's Steem's TPS records (Thanks to @roadscape)

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hmm, is this why NEO is getting more popular? due to eth getting congested ?


You are currently seeing ICO´s happening everyday on the ethereum blockchain. How many ICO´s is NEO doing currently ? NEO is getting popular only because china is pumping it.

So is there a definitive answer to scalability issues?


I've been trying to warn people, but these fanboys sure do love their Ethereum.


Yes, EOS- coming next summer

Great info! Thanks for sharing! Cheers!

Thank you for sharing this!

Etherdelta has been non responsive all day, this explains it.


You should try which was build by the maker team (

Interesting info @clayop. And I keep hearing about Microsoft and the EEA and their COCO framework that's supposedly can scale to upwards of 1600 TPS. Fact or fiction?


This will definitely not happening on the public ethereum blockchain in the near future. It will only be working on private or consortium blockchains.

  ·  4년 전

I know blockchains have a lot of overhead, much more than DBs, but seriously? 4,78 TPS? Thats is nothing! Needs to be 100 to 1.000 times faster, to become really a good base network, needs to be 100.000 to 1M times faster.


I really think EOS has a lot of potential to be a smart-contract blockchain which a much higher scalability build in.

  ·  4년 전

Maybe indeed, we will see this in 2018 according to their roadmap.

I'd love to know more. I know it take gas to make transaction but why is there no more gas? I mean I understand it's cause by the ICO crowdsale but how come no transactions in 3850 txs even with 125$ fees?

I guess I'll have to research this more. This intrigues me.

that is a big fee

There are too many people vested in Eth for this to last too long. I bet they fix it in the next few weeks.