"There's a major flaw in the ERC20 code" What?!?! --- Coin Interview with 803 Mine ICO

4년 전

"There's a major flaw in the ERC20 code, not ours, all ERC20 code."
-Nicholas Amato

Nicholas Amato is the CEO of 803 Mine, a new crypto mining ICO that distributes 50% of their mining revenues to token holders. During a live interview on Coin Interview today, Oct. 10th, Amato dropped a bombshell. What seemed like a normal question about smart contracts turned into the CEO revealing with confidence that "there's a major flaw in the ERC20 code".

Amato: "We''ll see in a few days...we might need more info on it, but, um, that comes from about as high up as you can get in Ethereum, and that's a security risk. I'm not gonna put anybody invested with us, or even myself, at risk of an attack on an Ethereum contract."

Seemingly in disbelief, the Coin Interview host (Christian, I believe), pushed back.

Coin Interview: "You're telling me you think the ERC20 is orked [forked?fucked?], and no one knows about it?"
Amato: "You'll have to see in a few days. I've specifically been told to keep this one hush hush cause, I think, um, if this gets any wind on any Ether channels I'm gonna have a lot of people calling me up saying 'What?! What issue?'"
Coin Interview: "You do realize this is live television right? This is not the right place to uh"
Amato: "Hey, Ether, if there's Ether core devs watching, you know what I'm talking about, so, please post."

Well, we caught wind of it. Core devs, white hats, what's up?

Ken Crypto,

Watch the full video interview
Watch the relevant section starting at 27m 13s

Or watch here:

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Yikes. I'm curious to find out what the issue is. I'm sure we won't know the details until it is fixed though.


I agree, if there is a vulnerability, it's unlikely well enough funded bad actors will find it before the next update on Oct 16th. In any case, this whole crypto space needs better bug recovery.

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