BREAKING - Ethereum Surges Past $300

5년 전

Below is the current Ethereum price as of this time 6/10/17. If Ethereum hits around $500 and Bitcoin stays the same or goes down, Ethereum has the potential to surpass Bitcoin in Market Cap. What do you think? Let me know below.

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It seems that every altcoin has its difficulties to scaling up, mostly the solution is POS.But it is hard to control the speed of the inflation in POS, so lastly a new altcoin will come to the market for alleviating the problem. It is just a vicious cycle....

Great news, I expect it to double arount august 1st :)


v possible lol gonna be interesting to watch that transition ;)

Fab! I have made a nice profit since $20

Big Indian exchanges will use Eth starting this month, the market cap will be around 200 billions before the end of july, so Eth can be 500 by the end of this month.


wow, I didn't know that. Thank You!

Crazy, but expected. $500 soon? Who's got the charts?


You bastard. I will find you some day and you will pay for the humiliation you've cause me, even if you are a muppet.

I think only matter of time before eth is worth more then btc never thought i would say it but btc has some major issues that are not in favor for anyone but miners and not really being fixed in a timely manor.


I totally agree with you, @skylineking88!

Nice!!!Things are looking good for holders )

I know, this is amazing! I saw that this morning and I couldn't believe it! Maybe it will go up to $3000?

Eterium at bitcoin prices would be amazing! I hope your right!!!

Great news for cryptos

It just tells you about the current hype on ETH. Lots of people waiting on the sideline for a pullback to buy more... but it never comes!

Go Baby Go! but don't push it to fast. You might blow an engine an lose altitude. Let's just steady it out here and set the auto pilot for a slow steady climb.

My opinion, Ethereum at the very least is going to be $600 sometimes in August, but I think it could be $1000.


As long as the news is favorable, a highly likely scenario to hit 1k by end of summer

Interesting blog. Nice to see I'm not the only one who thinks like this. The biggest group of uneducated investors in mankind get's a shot to determine the price of a crypto. It's an interesting world we live in. This is quite an interesting website I found: The site is my go to place for crypto investment analaysis and indepth coin research. See: For the Ethereum Investment research report.

I hope ethereum goes all the way

I must admit, I do have my worries about this development. The price rise is welcome, but the driving factor behind it may be more interesting. I note there are an increasing amount ICOs connected with the project, which injects liquidity with regularity. However, injections of liquidity do not necessarily mean utility in terms of actual usage of new types of coins generated from the project.

So, where my concern arises is: what happens when some contracts connected with the ICOs fail (some of them will fail, that's simply inevitable in the real world), and can this influx of money for ICOs be sustained?

At the moment I'm not sure where the real floor for Eth is, the floor that is created by utility and general revenue, due to the influx of what I'd call temporary money. Also, some of these ICOs will be aimed at simply raising money for the purposes of cashing out, the real question there is: Which ones are doing that?

So, investment wise, pretty dangerous. Making a quick buck? Odds are pretty good. Medium term (6 months in this case) probably mid-risk, you'd really need to know when investors start asking questions about their investments in the ICOs.

You can also look at it this way, from my limited perspective:
1st Month: Still bullish.
2nd Month: Reality check.
3rd Month: Shakeup of least stable as people ask questions.
4th Month: Surviving systems attempt to keep going based on their original model.
5th Month: Systems from month 4 experience shakeup as some remodel themselves, and some fail.
6th Month: Investors know if they are still holding something that is an asset or not.

I've not included the problems of perception, which can affect stable ICOs when others fail and investors get nervous. That's too subject to the charisma of a project leader, and whether or not they can demonstrate they are solvent and on track.

While I'm bullish on ETH, I'm also still bullish on BTC.

I agree that $500 is not out of reach for BTC, but I'm not sure we'll see BTC staying at the same level.

Just a guess...

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If I knew then what I know now...!

But I guess I always did believe in Ethereum

Absolutely Insane!!

I think the Ethereum will increase