Scam Alert in Myetherwallet

3년 전

I was so dissappointed when i checked my account in that my eth balance is already 0 .


Then when I check the transaction there's somebody transfer my funds :(


And it was named as Fake_Phishing171 . I checked his Eth address and saw that theres a lot of people who was scammed by this person



As you can see he have lots of tokens worth 980k usd plus ETH.

So please make a habbit to check the web address if it is
If im not mistaken I accidentally log in to a phishing site which is

What i lose is really important to me cause it has a good value to my country . I can buy 12 kilos of cat food for my cats and cats that i rescued. It already happened so i cant do anhthing about it so pls. be careful its good if you make your mew more secured like using metamask.

Thanks ,

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