Dear ETH, I have not written you off just yet

4개월 전

With the daily focus on price in the cryptocurrency world we often tend to lose sight of the big picture.

For Ethereum this is especially true. Many have written the project off, transactions fees are too high and the blockchain is really not usable for daps etc blabla.

As a user I have been disappointed myself. Yet it has some of the biggest working dApps running on it. Be it stable coins or, new forms of Finance platform and decentralized markets and betting platforms.

I find it always important to take a step back and look at the big picture. As a long term investor in this space one of my most important view is the really long term. I.e. what if Ethereum actually fulfills its mission.

Taking that view big moves may be ahead of us.


What you see above is an elliott wave count that assumes that the move from the crowdsale to $1500 was wave 1 of a impulsive 5 count move.

The crash from $1500 to $80 was wave 2. If this is correct we are now in wave 3, that should be going much higher than the previous ATH.

This is the absolute bull case for ETH in my mind. It means that Ethereum will win the war of blockchain platform or at least stay one of the most relevant ones in the market.

This is not the only way this can play out, but for me absolute bull case or best case szenario.

So dear ethereum, I have not lost all faith in you.

That said, I do believe that ETH faces very rough competition from projects like EOS, Tron and others and trails from a technological perspective. So this may not be the most likely outcome. But it seems to be one possible one.





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I concur with you on the wave count. Whether ETH retains its market share or not in the future, right now, it is cheap. What is your target for end of year?

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Some people and I still believe ethereum still have a great future ahead. Just a matter of time before it jacked up again

@knircky, After going through from this post i want to say one thing and that is, in my opinion one statement matching with your view point, Hold the vision which is not pursued by the 99% of population.

Let's see how Etherium will perform in future. Have a great time ahead.

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I agree, if we decide to invest in any project it must be based on what they are doing, so when the prices come down we wait and watch the bigger picture...
I agree with your analysis, and that means this is one of the last chances to buy ETH at an incredibly cheap price.

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