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Bloxy is a site that I only discovered recently. I have a big interest in airdrops and many airdrops tend to be dropping ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum network. One day I was looking up KCS (Ku Coin Shares), which is an ERC token, so I ended up finding bloxy.

Bloxy could be described as an Ethereum block explorer almost like etherscan, but Bloxy has many many more features.
Let's have a look at all these features and then we can go over them one by one.

This is the list of features if we look at the above menu:

Tokens section:

  • ERC20 Token List
  • ERC721 Token List
  • ERC223 Token List
  • ERC827 Token List

Dex Section:

  • DEX Smart Contracts, Decentralized Exchanges
  • Trades on Decentralized Exchanges

Token sale section:

  • Token Sale List
  • List Token Sale Transactions


  • Multi Signature Wallets

Analytical Reports:

  • Ethereum Network Current Stats
  • Ethereum Mixer Analytics
  • Token Dynamics
  • Token Distribution
  • ERC721 Tokens and Collectibles
  • ICO Analysis and Trends
  • ICO Money Flow Analysis
  • DEX Trades Analysis
  • DEX Arbitrage Analysis
  • Smart Contracts Events and Methods
  • Ethereum Mining
  • Crypto Kitties Population

Out of the above list, here are some of the pages that caught my eye:
ERC721 Tokens and Collectibles

See here:

The page about mixers was also really interesting for me, because I've been curious what mixers Ethereum users are using (If any):
I've always been curious if there is a preferred Ethereum mixer that people were using and what the mixer of choice was.
Here are some mixers available that I could find with a quick google search:

I know this is a short post, but I really just wanted to get you to try out bloxy, I think it is a really cool site
if you are into Ethereum.

Here are some more screenshots:

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