Steem rise should affect the Ethereum postfork downfall/rise? Your opinion?

6년 전

We are all waiting for our ether to come back!

But what will happen to the value of ether postfork?

After the recent rise, Steem will play a part in this next event for sure.

In my opinion, Ethereum will temporarily fall and Steemit should profit from it!

(if it happen Ethereum should rise again in the future)

What do you think? 

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I don't think it would help Steem at all if ethereum fell. Quite the opposite - if ethereum rises, people will be able to move some of their profits into Steem, which is what I did.

Ethereum is amazing tech, I really hope this takes off.

Capitalizacion of STEEM will be about 10-50 kkk

Only way Ethereum falls hard is if the hard fork ends up being a catastrophic disaster. unlike the soft fork the amount of testing going on as we speak would be epic.