VITALIK DEAD "4CHAN HOAX".....Buying this fake BULLS#*T is making us look bad - Blog #4

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As a Trader I understand to win, people have to loose….

The crypto space is full of lunatics that have no idea what they are doing and don’t take the time to do any research… we all get that. You can literally make up anything you like and they’ll buy it.
They run scared as soon as they sniff a Reddit post from 2014 and a red candle. This is down to the absurd amount of inexperience they have. By no means am I an expert but come on fact checking something online takes two seconds!

When it comes to buying fake news wow…. this takes the cake and the whole party!

A 4chan post, yes, A 4CHAN POST is what started the domino effect that crashed heavyweight cryptocurrency Ethereum.
An anonymous post that looked like it was a part of a dodgy porn thread from the 1990s sent billions running from the market!


Look at that, anyone who bought that, please take a day off….

I wasn’t holding any ETH at the time but it didn’t matter as we all know when ETH sinks we all have to jump into the life boat!

I didn’t sell anything of because panic is usually what causes you to loose. I believe in what I’ve invested in, but my account was hit so hard I think I’ll be eating rice cakes for the next two ) while I wait for some recovery. (An UPVOTE would be top notch lol)


Now we ask the question? Are we looking at a bear market now? Possibly, but to be honest I think the tech is too good to be held back. If you have money invested in some projects you’re unsure of maybe take some time to re-evaluate them!

Either way don't forget to put your seat belt on we're in for a wild ride !




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He looks like one of the kids I seen on the back of a milk cart with no reward..