The Power of a Hive

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The Power of a Hive

The 20th century was considered as an industrial one. The development of manufacturing required electricity, which was received from the energy of coal, oil, gas and nuclear fuel. And it had a dramatic effect on the ecology on the other hand. And let’s face the truth, is still being affected. However, the future lies in more environmentally friendly and renewable electricity, the source of which is the power of wind, sun and geothermal sources.

The reality is happening now, many people have their own windmills or solar panels. Who knows, maybe you will have such a device one day. Of course, in this case a person entirely depends on the weather phenomena. Sometimes the energy may not be enough or, just the opposite, the wind and the sun may be too active. In this case, if the energy is produced in excess, you can sell it, for example, to your neighbor.

With the help of  Hive Power platform. In such a case, all participants get their benefit, you will receive a reward for excessive electricity, and your neighbor will buy it cheaper than from the city networks. Besides, he will also be able to choose a more profitable option, if there are many participants.

The Hive Power project allows participants to create common energy, where everybody will benefit. Hive Power will represent a group of communities on a territorial basis. This simplifies the process of electricity exchange, ensures stability and monopoly absence.

The platform will give an opportunity to create and manage electricity communities. In such communities, people will be able to exchange and share electricity at their own tariffs. This gives the end user the choice of the energy supplier, which should help optimize resources and more profitable offers in terms of the market competition.

Such technologies as Blockchain will allow participants to safely buy and sell electricity to each other at low transaction costs, and use distributed energy storage systems (DESS).

 Electricity can be sold, bought or exchanged. For example, today you have a surplus, you give it, and tomorrow, if you lack it (for example, at night or on cloudy days) - someone will share the electricity with you. Batteries can be used to optimize the self-service capability of the network. Payment will be made by means of tokens of Hive (HVT).

Platform Advantages

- Structure transparency;

- Reliability of the system and the inability to interfere with the operation of the system through decentralization;

- Absence of intermediaries such as city electric networks;

- Fast transactions;

- Openness and integration for third-party manufacturers (both hardware and software);

- Wide and accessible energy system;

- Low cost of electricity;

- Autonomy;

- Environmentally friendly,

- Promoting the introduction of solar and wind energy and batteries;

- Reduction of the payback time of renewable energy sources.

How does it work?

As in the real world, the Hive consists of a set of Workers who provide funds for the existence of the "colony", and the Queen, who directs and coordinates them.

Workers consist of smart meters with Blockchain communication, that allows its users to participate in the local market and interact with them by means of user application.

The management of the hives is carried out with the help of administrator's application (Admin), which provides access to a smart contract called Beekeeper.

The Hive platform token (HVT) provides access to the features of the hive. For this purpose, there was developed the Hive Power / HONEY algorithm.

The platform has dynamic algorithms for calculating electricity consumption. This is extremely convenient, since it takes into account real consumption and balance but not the average, it will allow to reduce losses and increase profits. Let’s put it like this, if you left for the weekend and the load on the network has decreased, the system will take this into consideration and reveal excess energy. Or, on the contrary, if the load is higher today, then you will not be able to provide much energy for sale.

Unlike other exchange market schemes, the Hive Power platform also takes into account technical aspects, such as cables, power, and voltage limits, to provide an optimal solution to the set goals.

The project has options for flexible and inflexible adjustment of energy distribution, depending on the ability of producers to store it and have deferred loads.

ICO Details

Platform - Ethereum

Dates of tokensele - June 12th - 30th, 2018

Name of the token - HVT

The total number of tokens - 100 million.

The price of 1 ICO token - $ 0.25. USA

Soft cap - 1 million USD

Hard cap - 11 million USD


The project has a great team in Switzerland, consisting of real professionals with experience in the engineering field. This can be seen on White Paper, which describes complex technical nuances. Everything is clear and up to the point.

By the way, it’s pleasantly surprising that the link to White Paper leads to the Google Docs folder, where you can choose the translation into your language. There is no Russian yet, unfortunately, but on the whole it seems that people in this project are thinking about people.

The given platform is convenient and has an intuitive interface. It is planned to launch a mobile application, which will further simplify the process of work.

I should stress again, I like projects with eco-themes. The future should be precisely like this, aimed not only at profit, but also at preserving all that we have received from our ancestors and that we must pass to our children. I sincerely wish the team success in  their development.



White Paper




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