The Country Austria to Use Ethereum Public Blockchain to Issue $1.35 Bln in Government Bonds

2년 전

Yesterday, I received astounding news during a seminar:

Austria to Use Ethereum Public Blockchain to Issue $1.35 Bln in Government Bonds.

In an auction next week, Austrias gouvernment wants to issue gouvernment bonds worth of €1.15 billion ($1.35 billion). Bonds are debt obligations. Instead of lending money through selling bonds through banks or the stock market, now the first time a blockchain-based notarization service will be used as part of a Federal Bond Auction in Austria.

I think this news are absolutely great news because it shows that the german speaking countries getting more and more "crypto-fit" as Dr. Julian Hosp (TenX Co-Founder, most important Crypto-Youtuber in the DACH Region) would say.

One of the biggest mainstream newspaper in Austria, published a surprising well researched article on Tuesday.
Kleine Zeitung:

A lot of BTC-Media then quoted the newspaper in their articles like

An Article from is still outstanding because i couldn't find one.
What do you guys think about it? Cryptos are getting more and more recognition these days.



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