BlockRx CEO and CTO Meet with Representative of UAE Central Bank

5년 전

Gordon Tampol and Carlos Sanchez from BlockRx Meet with Representative of UAE Central Bank at the Dubai ICO Crypto Bazaar Event.

On Wednesday, September. 27, we attended the premier InvestBazar & CryptoBazar event at the Rixos Hotel in downtown Dubai. The event was a huge success as we were introduced to a representative of the UAE Central Bank and key investors.

​​​​​​We answered questions about BlockRx and discussed opportunities within Dubai for the BlockRx Pharmaceutical Blockchain Ecosystem. Investors and Dubai officials recognized the value of the BlockRx project and it's potential contribution to Dubai becoming the world’s first blockchain-powered government by 2020. We agreed to continue discussions as they will be introducing us to the Dubai Health Authority, along with the Smart Dubai Office and the Dubai Future Foundation.

We are garnering a lot of international attention and are picking up traction in different parts of the globe including South Korea, China, Middle East, North Africa, and others.

Attention ICO Investors:

The public ICO is live. The price is 1 ETH = 187 BKRx Tokens. This is a tiered price offer, and it will go up! Ask us about our limited bonuses.

To Purchase Now, visit BlockRx or write to

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dubai seems to be taking things to the next level using crypto :)


Yes Dubai is making a big push toward implementing blockchain tech in many sectors of government.

dubai is indeed lifting it up!

nice post @sneakgeekz.


Thank you thats appreciated.


you are welcome @sneakgeekz

  ·  5년 전

Yeah dubai does not won't to rely soly on oil money. Good idee and i hope it works out