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The internet has made it possible to make money without having to commit to office work. Blockchain has made the ability to make money online even better; for example, lots of people are making money on Steemit. Blockchain has made it possible to make money online through newer channels as it has created open markets.

A new application on the Stellar blockchain is making a great it possible to make money online by opening up social media marketing to people. Right now, companies like Facebook and Twitter are making millions of dollars every day. The founders of these companies have an unbelievable amount of money because they use the traffic on their websites to attract brands. FlipNpik is seeing this as an opportunity that should be given to everyday people, not just the big companies.

Make Money with FlipNpik

Brands are always looking for an opportunity to reach more people. More reach gives them an opportunity to make more sales, and more sales means more money. FlipNpik lets you use your talent and skills to create content on behalf of those brands to attract traffic for them. Brands reward the people who bring them new engagement.

The best part is that FlipNpik is available for free. You can download it right now and easily make an account. Once done, you can start earning FlipNpik tokens by engaging with brands, and even more FlipNpik tokens by using you creative talents to drive traffic for the brands. Most people’s jobs do not let them fully use their unique talents and skills. FlipNpik is an open platform and people have the opportunity to use their talents their as they want; in return the brands they promote will pay them with FNP tokens.

The users who manage to create content that is welcomed by the community and is able to help the brand a lot can become ambassadors. Ambassadors go out of their way to present a brand to the community and in return they are given 20% of the tokens the businesses pay for premium services.

FlipnPik is providing an easy way to make money online. It gives anyone with some talent to earn by creating attractive content to drive engagement for businesses. Those who go out of their way will be rewarded even more.


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Yes, this is real!

Thanks for sharing... Truly, I really love money.


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Free account and you get 20 free tokens just for signing up.

This is amazing. Thank you!

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This is interesting. Thank you!