BREAKING: Major Parity wallet vuln - $32 million ether STOLEN

4년 전

MAJOR ALERT for anyone using the Parity wallet to store your Ethereum.  Hackers are stealing ethereum as we speak!  

Important information below to help you avoid being ...

What Happened?

A critical vulnerability in Parity's multi-signature wallet was announced today. Parity released this advisory:

What Was Stolen?

Suspected transactions on the ethereum blockchain already showing signs of hacker activity.  This address was showing 153,000 ether collected or about $32 million @ $208/ether.

Are You At Risk?

If you use the multi-signature feature in the Parity wallet, then you are at risk.  To be safe, update your Parity wallet! Most installations of Parity have the auto-update feature enabled (unless your wallet starts with the --no-download flag). 

Start your Parity wallet ASAP and make sure it auto-updates! You can also build or download a new version (but that can take a while to sync).

Have Other Accounts Been Hacked?

This is late breaking news. Follow me and see future updates to this major vulnerability. 

Please ask any technical questions below in the comments and I will try to answer.

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