Ethereum Classic Climbs the Ranks to Become Fourth Largest Cryptocurrency by Market Cap

5년 전

While a lot of people are keeping a close eye on Bitcoin and Ethereum, other interesting things are taking place in the cryptocurrency world as well. Ethereum Classic has suddenly become the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. The currency successfully overtook New Economy Movement over the past 24 hours and is well underway to hit the $2bn market cap. The bigger question is where this sudden growth is coming from, which seems to be a bit unclear.

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WOW! Ethereum Classic is really climbin the ladder.. xD havent payed any attention.. :S xD
Just scary if the source of the sudden growth, isnt revealed soon..! :O

Hi Zeroshiki,

When do you think we're going to see the flippening? Win 10 STEEM :) my link below: