Ethereum is Struggling With Scaling, Despite Lack of Actual User Base

3년 전

The Ethereum network, which is valued at around $31.8 billion at the time of writing, is struggling to deal with scaling issues despite its lack of actual user base.

Over the past few months, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin emphasized that the vast majority of decentralized applications are either coded poorly or in a manner which unnecessarily bloats the size of smart contracts.

More importantly, he explained that the rapid increase in the average fee of Ethereum transactions is a direct result of the explosive growth of the ICO market. For instance, an investor in the BAT ICO included a $2,220 transaction fee in order to secure his investment in the project. Hence, Buterin noted that the average transaction fee is not an accurate measure to describe the scaling issues Ethereum is struggling with.

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I'm out of ETH, I have more trust in Stratis and Lisk.


Now stratis is where im at.... not to sure about lisk..just waiting for crowd to catch on😁


on that one you are good. Just read about it, it may take some time for Lisk but it will be there some day

You know the moment I heard that there was a crypto currency based on cloud space available, I got excited. However, when I heard it was doing so well it could open up its own market, I got worried for it. Just for the fact that cloud space has no limit. You could put a limit on it today but do you change that limit when it does so much better? Would that happen? We can never tell. They could tell us one thing today and tomorrow it might have new terms to amend the first terms agreed upon. That has happen many times within many systems across the world. I totally agree about the scaling part. They've not answered some important arguments and that is a must if they want to out do bitcoin. Just my 5 cents worth. Cheers!


It will not overtake bitcoin any time soon. Even with segwit it seems ethereum also has its problems it has to face.


Of course - additional the ETH code is far away from beta stage.... in fact every ICO is a bounty hunt for hackers, nobody has learned anything from DAO & people make it even the largest bounties ever. That is all just a pure joke & every ERC20 anyway a scam :)

thanks for the information