Ethereum Classic road map has a bright future! (part 2)

4년 전


This is a continuation of my former post of why I think Ethereum Classic road map has a bright future. I was going to just update my older post, but it's past 8 days so I'm unable to update it. If you would like to read it, it's available here:

Anyway, It just occured to me that I was able to view the current projects for Ethereum classic simply by using github.

The following screenshot shows the emerald wallet being in development.


When I clicked on the repository, I was able to see the contributors and saw that there was at least 4 developers working on the project during August. Granted it's not much, but still...


Although, I haven't seen any support for Mantis, besides my source from the following web site mention below, I'm still hopeful that it will do great. Maybe not as much as I expected it to be. I see there are more developers on Ethereum, than ETC, therefore we could see a better price reaction on the Ethereum project.

In anycase, let me get out my disclaimers so I won't get sued... img-thing.jpg

I am not a financial expert or responsible for any loses on your part (man I love saying that).

Thank you for your time and have a great day!



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