Crypto Exchanges soon to be a thing of the past. Crypto Credit Card token sale a watershed event.

3년 전

A revolutionary new concept is underway that will eliminate the exchanges. It may seem impossible now but the the final merger of banking and crypto is in the works. Because of draconian laws in places like USA it will be difficult for Americans to get their federal reserve notes out of the system and into the new credit card payment systems. Nevertheless, just deposit some bitcoin or etherium and its alright. Exhanges will still exist for Americans so they can be monitored and controlled by government. But for the global crypto economy there could soon be a seamless merger of fiat and crypto.

Participate in this token sell while Etherium is making new lows. Currently the price is only 1 ether for 140 tokens. This token prices will rise with the price of ether and become more expensive as they meet their crowdfunding goals.

This crowdfunding will not last long. I am steadily buying these tokens as the price of Ether goes down. Click the link below to participate in the crowdfunding of this spectacular news application. Finally, a VISA card that can convert crypto to fiat instantly with low fees, no bankers or middlemen, and crypto rewards for making purchases. This is one of the best ico concept I have seen.
Monaco Cryptocard token sale

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