Day/Night Trader are Back and Better Than Ever @!

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Do You Goo was our first partnership at and so far they are doing great. is an addictive "Arms Race" type game where you try to produce more GOO than everyone else. You get dividends based on how fast your producing GOO and you can sell GOO for a portion of the daily GOO Deposit Pot. So far I have personally made .02 ETH worth of dividends from playing for completely FREE. Don't lose any more time, get your Free Intern Kitty and start producing GOO!

Day Trader and Night Trader are Back!

Over at we had to temporarily take down Day/Night Trader so we could improve the UI and make it less confusing. Well its back. Now there are clear instructions on how to play, and we have some new players in the game as we speak. Day Trader is great for making those quick high risk high reward gains. Night Trader is for those that like to take a little chance on winning a jackpot and making some ETH in the process. Come over to and try your luck, or you can play it safe with one of our Featured Stocks!

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Daily trading is a strict no from my end one should have a very large risk appetite

Huh... not entirely free. There's a "small transaction fee". Lame.


There's a tx fee to do anything on the Ethereum network....common man


Fair enough. I have no ETH left so can't get involved.

Very interesting post friend and good work keep it up

Looks intriguing! Thank you!

I’m loving the platform so far, but I am still slightly confused about day trader and night trader, any way to go into a bit more detail on them?


dear sir
personal opinion keeep great deal with
When it comes to trading, everyone is always on the lookout for that critical data that will trigger a vital investment decision. However, getting this information has never been a rosy affair. You may always be forced to stay alert and wait for updates. Night Trader makes the process easier because it is automatic.The system has the capability of going live whenever there is a major event that you can capitalize to earn substantial profit margins. It not only helps you to capitalize on the rare opportunities, but also helps you to save money. This is because you won’t invest a penny in non-profitable events.The automation of the system doesn’t stop there. Night Trader is capable of closing automatically once you have reached a specific milestone. Yours is to set the goal that you intend to achieve in a particular trading session. In addition to that, all the winnings are automatically disbursed to your account. You don’t have to go through the cumbersome process of placing requests.

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I think we should expect better updates then? It's good they're doing some developments on it.

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how to use?


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