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Chibi Fighters Stock made it all the way to 8.10 ETH! Big thanks to the Chibi Fighters Dev. They rebought Chibi Fighters over and over just to give everyone dividends. It definitely paid off because most people reinvested dividends. @lunar you win with a guess of 9.5 ETH. Good job! Let me know which prize you want.

SBD Backed Stock

The crypto world is very small. We just got a suggestion on Discord to combine a Steemit post with a stock buy on It happened come from a friend that used to be on a server with me back when CryptoKitties went bonkers. But anyways, All proceeds from this post will go to COMMODOR 64 Stock on So once this post pays out in 7 days, the SBD will be sold for Ethereum and bought in COMMODOR 64 Stock. The wallet will be separate from the one I use and it will NOT be sold. The STEEM made from this post will be sold for Ethereum and given to a lucky random winner that:

  1. Upvoted this post
  2. Follows me
  3. Resteemed this post
  4. Comment with what you like about

So lets make this post Huge! Also you can Buy some COMMODOR 64 Stock and get Dividends from this post's Buy. Just follow the instructions above to enter to win free Stock

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Upvoted, followed, and resteemed! I am really enjoying the community and the team behind EtherStocks. It’s one of the few Discord channels that I keep my eyes on. It’s a lot of fun and look forward to this being a long term project.


Thanks for your Donation!

The best thing about EtherStocks is the team behind it. They’re honest and have great ideas about how to make this game last the distance, keeping players interested and rewarding hodling. This stands well apart from the high risk pump and dump scams that have been run by shady or unknown devs and which have plagued the cryptogames society of late. I have faith in this project and commend the devs on their superb efforts.

What I really like about etherstocks is the Dev is super cool and has a good vision for the game

EtherStocks has been great. Its even got me into coding so I can really understand how smart contracts work. The Discord has been super helpful for getting me familiar with everything. Going to purchase some Commodore 64 right now!

Thanks for offering this amazing giveaway. I just recently found out about Etherstocks through one of your posts. I really like the dividends especially those from your featured buy of the day! Will definitely follow this one!


Thanks for following and we have plenty more Buy of the Days to come

Thank you brittuf!
I will take the SBD :))

My favorite thing about Etherstocks is the community, and of course the sweet sweet dividends! In the crypto world there are so many people taking advantage of others, its nice to see a team who is authentic, and have their finger on the pulse of what the crypto world needs.

the community..and the ether :)

nice one! i have a small suggestion, in 8 days it will be 4/20... could be cool to pump the 420 ind stock on that day too!


Oh I'm sure we will do something for 420 on 420

I like for the wonderful dividends

Pump it up my dude!
Etherstocks pays me more in dividends than an ETH mining contract - lol

hey wow is totally amazing, upvoted, reestemed
actually i i love etherstocks because is just a game, i invested there 0.08, i bought some coffees shares and cryptokitties, yesterday i bought cotton because was the cheapest stock in the game, now my portafolio value is about 0.21 eth, and im reinvesting each week, i have a friend that will put maybe from 1-10 eth in this game, i told him about my earning and he love the idea, so i will recommend and explain how work this and in what stock invest!

it has a simple user-friendly interface and the ability to receive dividends

Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫

very good post and impressive once, frankly I really like to follow and read a very useful post like your post

Criptograma voy a estudiar del tema, interesante debido a que estoy en programaciones y estadísticas

This post has received a 1.59 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @brittuf.

Nice to hear that Commodor 64 will get a pump! Great idea.


thanks, big shout out to @domirep it was their idea!

I don't fully get EtherStocks any good introduction?


Check out the FAQ on our Discord