EtherZero (ETZ) Review + Easiest Way To Claim Free ETZ

3년 전

This is a basic review of Etherzero (ETZ). I explain what it is, point out some benefits and explain how you can easily claim free ETZ if you have ethereum at the time of the upcoming hard fork.


OCTOIN multi-wallet:

Trinidad & Tobago Crypto Facebook Group:


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haha, nice post, will be resteeming this post.


Thanks bro.. Blessings

Do you really think that this is true ?
I m not sure if I should trust this , because at the website it is shown that MetaMask will support Etherzero , but if you visit the websit MetaMask shows that this is a scam site.


If its Octoin you are referring to, I have no reason to think that site is a scam at the moment. It has been functioning flawlessly since I started using it and their communication is commendable, I am not saying It can't turn into a scam but it is unlikely to scam us our ethereum since they will make much more if they continue selling their OCC coins right now during their ongoing ICO, continue doing their OCC investments, ethereum cloud mining and launch their OCC coins to other exchanges and profit from the appreciation of their own tokens. They will sabotage their whole platform / project by scamming us our ethereum and etz. Its not making sense to me for them to pull off something like that, at least not so soon. I also think since it is listed on the official ETZ website as a compatible wallet it gained credibility as I am quite sure the ethereum developers had done their due diligence before choosing wallets / developers to work with and will have credible wallets listed on their official website as compatible ETZ wallets for potential ETZ holders to utilize. If users get scammed out of their ethereum / etherzero by a compatible wallet suggested by the official ETZ website that will be catastrophic to the ETZ project/foundation.


No my comment is about , they list Metamask as supported wallet but Metamask says that is scam


Hmm, thanks for pointing that out, I'll have to check that out. However we do know for certain that there will be an ethereum hard fork, so even if Metamask says the website is a scam we won't loose anything. If the site was suggesting that we send our ethereum to them @, then that would have raised a big red flag and cause for concern.

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wow!! nice post bro